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BSA Barehanded Reconstructive Therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine, anatomy, and biomechanics, with a vast array of ways to reconstruct body and face, and an immediate effect similar to the ideology of plastic surgerybeauty and wellness all at once.

This new wave of cosmetic and beauty revolution has shed even more lights for the future success of our learners at BSA. Experience the magic of these bare hands under the guidance of our professionals. Let us show you how to be best equipped to give customers the most authentic, and back to basic beauty and health advice.

Feminine Wellness Therapy Course

Reconstructive Facial Carving

BSA Barehanded Reconstructive Therapy

BSA Essential Oil and Aromatherapy

Nowadays, wellness and beauty are almost inseparable. BSA Essential Oil and Aromatherapy aims to produce a physical, spiritual and mental sense of well-being. It is an intensely comforting and reassuring healing therapy which has become tremendously popular.
It is relaxing, stimulating, and invigorating the mind and body, a key to unlock the secrets of health and wellness, enhancing the quality of life. It is not just science, it is also an art of beauty, an attitude towards life.
Discover and take on BSA Essential Oil and Aromatherapy training course with us, awaken the powerful senses within you and your customers.

Essential Oil And Aromatherapy

BSA Japanese Eyelash Extension Course

also known as "BSA Japanese Eyelash Grafting Course", takes in the Japanese service concept, with the priority and ensurance of zero damage to the original eye-ashes during the grafting procedure. In addition to this,with the basis of ensuring the health of original eye-lashers, BSA Japanese Eyelash Extension Course creates beautifully elegant eye-lasher in this ever-evolving trending industry.

Clear-cut and hygienic 1:1 grafting technique, gives rise to an unexpexted result of sophisticated look with elegance and beauty. Painless, natural and gentle. Winning every occasion, once and for all.

Japanese Eyelash Extension Course

Though seemingly complex, BSAs individual make-up course is easy to pick up if you put in your heart and effort. Create a natural image that is irresistibly elegant for you and discover simplicity.
We are bold, and we are courageous. We are all for a wide range of colours and an advocate for minimalism by getting rid of outdated bilges. Learners reap the benefits of the elegant and perfect creation, set forth to enjoy their dream and be on the way to success.

International Professional Makeup Course

Professional Image Makeup Course

Individual Makeover Course

Professional Bridal Makeup And Hair Design Course

Internationally Recognize Skin Management Course

CIDESCO Certification

SKM Certification

At BSA, we believe you will be very impressed by our semi-permanent makeup training course, with an emphasis on eye-brows, eyes and lips. The safest procedure and natural plant-based pigments of semi-permanent makeup brings beauty to another whole new level.

Unlike the traditional permanent cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup is safe, painless, natural and discoloration-free. What’s more, it can be maintained for up to 3 years and save customers tons of time for daily makeup routine.

Now, be ready to put a smile on others and seek meaningful lifetime success with BSA.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Course


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